School Adminstrators

Do you wish that your very best teachers could teach all of your students?

Are you interested in implementing or improving your school’s online learning program to help your students be successful?

In this 21st century everyone is moving to an online presence and for schools that means giving helpful resources to students to help them excel.   Many districts have poured millions of dollars into technology that is rarely used and yield little to no positive results.  This wasteful spending has hurt schools in both budget but also the public eye.  But there is a way to use technology to improve students test scores, level of retention and overall success.  The secret is leveraging your best teachers to teach all of your students. This is now possible with online learning technology and the use of flipped instruction.

Kurland Education Inc can help you in three ways.  First we can conduct a training at your school to show how your team how to implement an online learning program on their own, if you already have some technology savvy individuals. Second, we can co-create with your team to produce the online learning program.  And lastly, we can do the work for you, i.e. you give us the materials and tell us what you need and we will create that program.

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Training                                Co-Create                             Done For You

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